By tony
Published: September 7, 2008
Updated: September 7, 2008
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Q. How can I select a group of files in My Documents to be moved to a sub folder
A. It seems a lot of people have trouble dealing with selecting mutiple lines in lists and files/folders ...
I realise that most people know this by heart but here it is again

Holding down Shift when clicking on the top and then the bottom item will select them both and everything in between.

Holding down Ctrl when clicking on items in a list will select them or unselect them (depending on their current state). This allows you to bulk select items that are not in a sequential order.

It is common to use Shift method to select multiple items and then use Ctrl to de-select certain items in the list.

This is most often used in Explorer when moving or deleting files - but many programs also allow you to bulk select items. For instance Rows or Columns in a spreadsheet.

If you are after everthing you can also use Edit-Select All (or Ctrl-A) from the menu and sometimes this is easier if your list is long.
Happy Selecting Cool

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